Four lines for the big picture

Over the next few years, extensive modernisation measures will be carried out on the following four lines - the northern line (southern section), the north-western line and the southern line in Lower Austria as well as the S-Bahn core line in Vienna.

Northern line (southern section)

In the southern section between Vienna Süßenbrunn and Gänserndorf, a turning facility will be built and the rail infrastructure modernised so that a higher speed of up to 160 km/h can be operated in the future.

Visualisation of the northern line - Silberwald station
Tracks railway station Hennersdorf Nortn-Western Line

North-western line

As in the south, the platforms in the stations from Unterretzbach to Vienna Brünnerstraße will be extended to 220 metres on the north-western line. This means that longer regional trains will also be able to travel to Unterretzbach in the future.

Southern line

In order to make the new, modern and above all longer trains available to the thousands of commuters between Vienna and Payerbach-Reichenau, we are extending the platforms in the stations from Guntramsdorf-Thallern to Payerbach-Reichenau to 220 metres.

In addition, a new stabling facility will be built in Payerbach-Reichenau.

The access to Wiener Neustadt will be extended to four tracks and the Pottendorfer line will be integrated.

Platform construction work
Stammstrecke Praterstern at night

Core line "Floridsdorf-Meidling

At the centre of the S-Bahn Vienna Upgrade is the renewal of the so-called "S-Bahn Wien Stammstrecke". It runs between Vienna Meidling and Vienna Floridsdorf.

Bridges, viaducts, retaining walls, tunnels and tracks have to be renewed, platforms extended. The use of longer and more modern trains creates space for more passengers and greater comfort.

A modern, digital train control system enables tighter and more punctual intervals and increases the reliability of the entire system.

Details of the S-Bahn core line