Overview of our measures

A modern rail network has a significant impact on the environment, sustainability and quality of life for all of us. With the S-Bahn Vienna Upgrade we are investing in our future and are working on a modern and high-quality public transport system in Vienna and Lower Austria.

At the very heart of the upgrade are the renewal of the rail infrastructure, the construction of new sidings and turning facilities, the conversion to digital commuter rail and the extension of the platforms.

Train at the railway station Praterstern

The many measures on the four programme lines are all closely intertwined. With a modern, state-of-the-art rail infrastructure, the course is being set for more S-Bahn quality. The dimensions are impressive.

Symbol for platform extension

Platform extensions

By extending platforms to 220 metres, it will be possible to run longer and more modern suburban trains in the future. Longer trains offer more space and comfort for rail passengers. This will increase the number of seats available by 40 per cent by 2028. As a result, public transport will become even more attractive, which will facilitate the switch to sustainable rail transport.

Symbol for Building Supporting Structures

Modernisation of buildings and structures

We are modernising buildings and structures such as viaducts, bridges, tunnels and retaining walls, the line will be fit for the future to meet growing demands. This is important because the forecasts show that the S-Bahn Vienna core line will continue being the number one S-Bahn line.

Symbol for rail infrastructure

Renewal of rail infrastructure

We are investing in new tracks, switches and overhead lines to ensure smooth rail operations in the long term.

Symbol for turning area

Construction of stabling and turning facilities

To ensure that our trains are in good hands, we are building new stabling and turning facilities.

Symbol for digitalised S-Bahn

Deployment of the digital train control system ETCS

We are digitising the train control system using ETCS Level 2 (European Train Control System), thus laying the groundwork for increased frequency and shorter waiting times for our customers.

Chart about ETCS Information chart (German) on ETCS, European Train Control System. The digital ETCS control and signalling system sends signals via GSM-R that influence direction, distance and speed.